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Launching MyAuPairCourses


We proudly present: MyAuPairCourses

Cultural Care’s online learning centre designed for your success

Your preparation is our priority.The Department of State requires that all au pairs receive a certain amount of training before traveling to their American host family, but Cultural Care Au Pair offers more: As industry leaders, Cultural Care Au Pair continues to go above and beyond by delivering a superior training program. We believe that a thorough training will help you on your way to success and that’s why we created a training program that will prepare you better than any other agency.

Get ready for the launch of MyAuPairCourses – an online training platform that is easy to use and full of important information. MyAuPairCourses will allow you to prepare for your stay in the US at your own pace. You are free to decide where and when you’ll spend time learning on MyAuPairCourses.

Enhanced training – learning from the experts

Our new online training program was developed in collaboration with childcare, medical and educational specialists. We also listened to the experts – former Cultural Care Au Pairs – and they have told us what is most beneficial. So you’ll hear it all: true stories and advice from other au pairs who have gone through the au pair experience. MyAuPairCourses has been designed to ensure that you will receive the right information at the right time in the best way possible.

MyAuPairCourses will be available January 26th 2015to all au pairs traveling to the US after March 2015. We will send you the login and you can complete MyAuPairCourses from your preferred device. MyAuPairCourses is part of your training that will continue at the Cultural Care training school in New York.

Get ready for a better learning experience! Get ready to have fun! Get ready for MyAuPairCourses!

We have always taken great pride in our training program and we are very excited to launch MyAuPairCourses. The platform will make training more engaging and nobody can prepare you better than the former au pairs who helped develop the content. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary we are thrilled to bring generations of au pairs together to help each other in this way.”

Christina Sandberg, Executive Vice President Cultural Care Au Pair